I have been wanting to make either a hat or an ami of Gir for a long time, and luckily I got a chance to make not just one, but two Gir hats this week. The coolest part about it? I got to make a robot and a dog version of Gir! I decided I would stuff the eyes on both, which I normally don't do, but it seemed necessary for these two just for authenticity. 
Here is another look at the Doggie Gir Hat, modeled by my daughter, Violet. She isn't smiling like I would have liked her to, but she is three, what can I really expect. Besides, I kind of like the crazy look for this hat. I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn for this hat, and felt for the nose and tongue. The ears were kind of a pain because I couldn't seem to get the right angle for them, but I think I eventually got it right. 

And here is another look at the Robot Gir Hat. This one being modeled by my younger sister Maggie. I think the robot one looks way cuter when worn, it just didn't really photograph well sitting by itself. I also used Red Heart Super Saver for this hat, and only used felt for the tongue. I hope you guys enjoy. There should be a lot more to come in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!
8/13/2013 09:04:24

I did not know it and have not come across it. I did this because a dtrc was too big and I wanted a stitch bigger than a standard treble.

9/5/2013 19:31:56

Just dropped by to say hello, so, hello mate!

8/30/2014 18:54:58

Hello Veronica, my name is Jessica... I fell in love with your wolverine hat!! Are you selling any items if so please contact me at epp_9086@yahoo thank you

1/11/2015 13:13:07

Do you sell your patterns or offer them for free? I'm in love with your pooh bear set and Gir hats!


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