Hello everybody, this is my first blog post. I hope everyone enjoys reading the things to come and comes back often to see how things are going. Since some of you may not be familiar with me or my crochet work quite yet, I will share a few things about myself as well as a few of my favorite items I have made so far. My name is Veronica, I am 24 and currently a stay at home mom. I enjoy a lot of things including cooking, crocheting, singing (anything involving music really), and collecting rubber duckies. So, it is possible you will see a few duckies and possibly recipes on occasion, and I will attempt to keep them somewhat organized for you. 

A Few Cute Little Hats!

Over the winter I got a chance to do a few very adorable hat projects. Now that winter is over I most likely will not get to crochet any more hats for a while, but still wanted to share a couple of my favorites.  That is my daughter, Violet, modeling the hat in the top left and bottom picture.  The top left picture is a custom Minnie Mouse hat I made for a friend. The top right picture, is a custom Black Spiderman Hat that I made for the same friend. The bottom picture is a custom Foofa (from Yo Gabba Gabba) hat I made for my daughter. All of these hats were of my own design, patterns may possibly come soon if anyone is interested. 


Here are a couple of my favorite crocheted amigurumi. As with the hats, all of these were also all of my own design and I did not use a pattern. On occasion I will use a pattern for things, but I will specify if a pattern has been used and link to said pattern on here.  The top left is a red Dr. Who Dalek that I made for a friend. The top right is Homer Simpson in his underwear drinking a Duff beer, also for a friend. The bottom is a custom Steely Mc. Beam that I made and sold.  Most of the features on my amigurumi are done in felt. 

Unique Scarves

These are just a couple of the unique scarves that I have made. The first (left), is a Circuit Board Scarf I made for a friend. I love the way it turned out, but it was a lot of work and there will most likely not be any replicas in the future. The second (right) on the other hand, is a Hello Kitty Scarf I made and sold. This one I would love to do again, so just let me know if you are interested in one.  Also, ignore the horrible picture of me.  As with the hats, I probably won't get to make a whole lot more scarves until fall comes around again, but I can't wait!


I love making baby blankets. This is how I started off crocheting. My grandma taught me how to make a granny square blanket when I was about 7 and that is where it all started.  The one on the left is a Yellow and Pink Bobble Stitch blanket with Ruffled Edges. That one as well as everything else you are seeing on this first post is of my own pattern. The second is a custom Blessed Be Man (a fantastic band, look him up on Facebook) for a friend. This one is all single crochet's and I charted out the pattern. This was my first blanket of this type and I love how it turned out. 

Well, that is just a little bit of what I have done recently. Thank you to everybody who stuck this post through to the end, I appreciate it. Check back for a lot more posts in the future!
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