I hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving this year, I can't believe it is already next week! I know I am ready, except I will not be cooking or cleaning or doing much of anything other than eating, lol. At least that is the plan. 

Speaking of the holidays, I just want to let you all know that I will be taking Christmas orders between now and December 1st. If you would like to order an item and need it by Christmas, that will be the cutoff, mainly so I will be able to make it and ship it out for arrival before Christmas. I will be accepting orders for items not required by Christmas all throughout December though. After that I might take a little bit of a break, as I have a little one expected to enter the world at the very beginning of February and have made nothing for her yet. 

But, let's take a step back for a minute because Christmas is still a little while away. The past weekend, my friends and I had our annual "Thankskilling Party", which is basically where we get together and eat way too much food and watch Thankskilling, a horrible movie about a killer turkey. We decided to do a "pumpkin off" this year and see who could make the best pumpkin dish, and the prize would be the crocheted turkey pictured above.  I really love how the turkey came out! He looks super ridiculous but was desired by all. I crocheted the turkey using Red Heart Super Saver yarn in various colors, and my fiance, Daniel, made the mask out of felt. 

I was hoping to make a couple more items for Thanksgiving this year, but the month just seems to be flying by, so I will probably have to wait until next year. Some things you can look forward to in the very near future are of course, lots of new pictures of custom items, and a pattern for my Oogie Boogie Amigurumi. I will hopefully have that pattern up by next week. Perfect for Christmas!

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