The month of December was very successful for me. I got way more orders than I have in the past, and I am super grateful for that. So, thanks to all my fans for their support last year! I can't wait to see what this new year brings for all of us! 

The hat and scarf combo you are seeing beside this is something I whipped up for my daughter the first week or my little "crochet vacation", lol. She didn't really seem to want to wear her Foofa hat anymore. I guess eventually kids grow out of the Yo Gabba Gabba phase, which is fine. So, I decided to make her something to wear this season that was   geared to her more "mature" taste, haha. She really enjoyed the Hello Kitty Hat and Matching Scarf, and can now be warm this winter! 

One of the other items I got the pleasure of making was a Custom Spongebob Hat. This one was a lot of fun to do and figure out since there were a lot more color changes than I typically do in my hats. I wanted to do this so that I could make the shirt and pants look right. This was also the first time I attempted switching colors in the stringy part of the earflaps (not sure if there is a proper name)
Another item I could not wait to post pictures of was this Infant Size Wolverine Hat. It was a pretty simple design but turned out adorable! Luckily for me, they liked it so much, that I may get the pleasure of making another in a larger size!
The last of the hats I got to make for my holiday orders, was this Custom Cupcake Hat. This hat was supposed to look like a specific hat from an online game, so I did my best to be as specific as I could with the sculpting and shaping of the hat. Because of this, it ended up a bit heavier than many of my other hats. Mainly because each of the little frosting puffs and the cherry were stuffed so they could be as fluffy as possible. I have also found that any post stitching tends to make things a bit more bulky. This was also my first time really relying on fabric glue, which typically I am not a big fan of. But, for the sprinkles, it ended up working out great. I have tried sewing similar things on in the past, and it tends to just make the yarn fray. 

Finally, we are left with the last of my big ami order from the holidays. This Custom Little Black Lamb Ami was part of the order that included the car and minion that I posted about in my last blog post. I just had not quite finished this one up when I posted last time. This little guy was really fun to make, and I got to try out the brushing out the yarn technique that I have seen people use before. If you are unfamiliar, basically all you have to do is buy a cat brush and brush out the ami. It leaves it with a bit of a fluffier texture, which I thought would be nice for a lamb. I also added the little blue bow because it was for a baby boy. Below are just a couple extra pictures of the lamb from different angles so you can see everything going on with him. 

Thanks again for stopping by and reading through all my ramblings, or at least just looking at the pictures. Whatever you are doing, it is much appreciated, as always. Keep coming back, there will be a lot more posts this month. Many of which will be more baby oriented. I already have a few blankets and such made, I am just waiting until after I have the crib up to take better pictures!
3/11/2014 23:20:19

Hi there, I love your crochet hats they are awesome, how did you make the wolverine eyes, I would love to make it for a gift for a family member :)

2/24/2015 10:32:59

Hi Veronica, do you ever make patterns of the things you create? My friends son loves the wolverine hat you have posted and has asked me to make him one. Any direction you could give in getting it made correctly would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the new things you come up with!!


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