I have been working on a whole lot of items lately, and have a whole lot more coming in the very near future. I am also working on a bunch of different halloween items, so stay on the lookout for those! I am hoping to do some items such as a kitty costume, complete with kitty hat, mittens, and tail for infants and toddlers. I am also hoping to do a line of pumpkin hats and matching candy totes, as well as many other mystery items! Pictures to come soon.  Other than that,  I have just been working on an array of other items for family and a few custom orders. 
The first two pictures are of a Brown and Tan Basketweave  baby blanket for my cousin Sean's new addition to the family! I wanted to do something a little less traditional and more fun. I made it once again with Caron Simply Soft yarn, as I pretty much always do for baby blankets. 

This next blanket I did as a custom order for an old friend from high school/junior high school who is also expecting a little one. It is similar to the Pink and Yellow Bobble Stitch Blanket I made a while back, but this one is obviously Gray and Pink and it is Carseat/Stroller sized rather than Crib Size. 

And finally, here are a few of the other things I have made throughout the past couple of weeks. It seems like so much.  On the top left is a newborn sized monkey hat I did as a custom order. I just posed it on the skull because it fit nicely and filled out the hat, so it looked better than when it was laying flat.  Next to the that on the right is a purse I just finished for myself yesterday. I used a pattern for that which I got on Ravelry. Here is a link to the pattern  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hey-sailor . I dont think the detail looks quite as nice on my purse in the yarn I used. I may make another in the future using the cotton yarn they suggest rather than the Red Heart Super Saver I used this time. Finally on the bottom is a skirt I made myself. I made it so I could use it as a swim suit cover up. The pattern is available here  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/emmajeans-minty-green-skirt . As you can see if you look at the original pattern, it is quite a bit longer than I made it. I figured it would be a little too hot and heavy for me since I live in AZ, so I modified the pattern to only go up to Row 20, then added the first 4 Rows of fringe in the pattern. I also made a skirt in black but did not take a picture. 
That pretty much sums everything up, I think. This post was once again very long and drawn out, I need to get on here more frequently to make posts rather than waiting a month between each post and writing a novel. I hope you guys stuck with me the whole time, and once again, look forward to some sneak peaks of some Halloween items very soon. There may even be some free patterns ;).
3/20/2013 05:51:17

I left you a note on Ravelry, but I thought I'd post here, too. I like how you did the skirt and I'm considering making one, too. I'm just wondering if yours is as see-through as the original green one.


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