Sorry I haven't been updating the blog quite as much lately. We have been going a million miles an hour in a thousand different directions lately. We celebrated my daughter's 4th Birthday over the past couple weekends in two different states. We are also expecting another little girl so I am starting some baby blankets for her. Also, a lot of the orders that have been made in the past month or so are replicas of previous items and I don't want to bore you with the same stuff over and over again. 
I should have some new exciting holiday stuff coming up in the near future though, so keep an eye out for that!! But for now I wanted to share a couple of the items I have made this month. I made this custom Boba Fett hat a few weeks ago. It was a lot more work than I originally expected, but totally worth it in the end. I didn't use a pattern for this item, just kind of winged it, hehe. The red part in the front of the helmet, the sides(not necessarily the embellishments), and the hat itself were all made with Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, which I normally use if I am not making a blanket. The rest, including the black part behind the red part of the helmet is felt. I needed to use a lot of felt for this just to get it as detailed as possible. I think after this project I am going to look into using fabric glue...sewing on all these tiny parts gets a little tedious. 

In addition to the Boba Fett hat, I also made a custom Oogie Boogie Amigurumi (pictured below) for my BFF for her birthday. I didn't really have a whole lot to compare him to, so this one was completely my own and I found it hard to find any inspiration anywhere. He is green, like the blacklight Oogie Boogie from the movie, which she wanted, instead of the standard potato sack looking one. I hope you guys enjoy!!! I can't wait to share some of the stuff I will be making in the coming months, including a crocodile stitch baby blanket replica (I originally saw a picture of the blanket online but am recreating it myself without a pattern)!!! 

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