This pattern is super quick and easy. You will probably be able to knock both of these out in less than a half hour, which is always nice for a crochet project. 

For this project, I used a 3.5MM E/4 Hook and Caron Simply Soft yarn in Black.

Just so you know, for the purpose of this pattern I kind of made up my own stitch called a half double treble crochet (hdtrc). There is most likely already a name for this stitch, but I did not know it and have not come across it. I did this because a dtrc was too big and I wanted a stitch bigger than a standard treble. So for the hdtrc, yarn over 3x, insert hook, yarn over again, this will leave you with 4 loops on your hook, yarn over and pull through two, yarn over and pull through two, then yarn over and pull through the last two. 

To create flower:
Ch. 15, join to first ch with sl st. 
Round 1: 16 hdc in hole. Sl st to connectto first hdc
Round 2: *ch 4, skip 2 hdc*  repeat * to * 5x (6 ch spaces created)
Round 3: *in next ch sp hdc, dc,trc, hdtrc, picot, trc, dc, hdc, sl st into next ch 4 space* repeat * to * 5x (6 petals created). 
Tie in ends

Finishing Up: 
Connect yarn to end of a picot, ch 25 and reconnect in same spot. This will create the loop for your toe. 
Tie in ends. 
Connect to picot on opposite end of flower (3 petals over). Ch 150, tie off. Connect a new strand to the same picot, ch 150, tie off. 
Tie in ends.

Make 2