To begin, I apologize again for the long wait between blog posts the past couple of weeks. I finally got a memory card reader for my camera. So I have a temporary fix until my camera decides to completely stop working. It seems like hats are the popular thing the past couple of weeks. I made two for the contest winners from The Perfect Knot, and I also made the custom hat for the winner of my contest. That winner chose a Black Spiderman Earflap Hat, in case anyone was wondering. In addition to that I made a few other custom hats including the Tardis one up above. The Tardis hat was really fun to make and also brought up some new challenges I have not faced before, like so many color changes within the same row on a hat.
Another hat that I just finished up within the past couple weeks is the Custom Totoro hat pictured above. It is funny that even though I use the same basic pattern for all my hats, they all end up turning out so differently. Something as simple as changing the shape of the ears makes a hat that is completely different. 
Lastly, there is this Custom Mickey Mouse Earflap Hat. I wanted to do something like this because the Mickey Mouse face itself would be kind of difficult to replicate in crochet. I figured going for more of a mouse ears hat style but with aspects more related to Mickey would look better. I did the puffballs on the bottom yellow because I thought it looked cute to have the shorts, the long black spindly legs and then the puffballs are like Mickey's shoes. I also made this hat with a different stitch, which I may do from now on with my hats. I used hdc to shape the hat rather than dc, which I normally do, and I think it looks a little neater and tighter. I also used hdc for the Tardis Hat. Not sure if anyone other than me can tell the difference. 
Hey everyone, I just wanted to provide you with a quick update. Don't think that I have forgotten about you. I haven't been able to upload any pictures to my computer recently. The input for the wire for my camera is really loose, so my computer is not detecting the camera. I apologize for the lack of posts. I will be purchasing an SD Card reader on 
One of my most recent projects is a custom Eeyore which was very fun to make. I also decided with this one that I would take some pictures as it was progressing just to make it a little more exciting and show some more of the "behind the scenes" action. There were definitely some new challenges with Eeyore which were fun to overcome. I had never made an ami of this type before, never made a tail, and never had to attach the neck the way I did with Eeyore, so it was a bit different than some others. 

Here are a couple of pictures of Eeyore's head. I normally do not close off the head and have it as one piece, but since I needed the neck to be attached differently because body isn't facing the same direction as the head like others I closed it off. I was worried that it might not look quite as neat, but the little crop of hair at the top tidied it up nicely. 
Here is a quick picture before I connected the head and body and added the finishing touches like the tail and hair. Below this is the final picture of Eeyore. He is now in the mail and happily on his way to his owner.