I have been wanting to make either a hat or an ami of Gir for a long time, and luckily I got a chance to make not just one, but two Gir hats this week. The coolest part about it? I got to make a robot and a dog version of Gir! I decided I would stuff the eyes on both, which I normally don't do, but it seemed necessary for these two just for authenticity. 
Here is another look at the Doggie Gir Hat, modeled by my daughter, Violet. She isn't smiling like I would have liked her to, but she is three, what can I really expect. Besides, I kind of like the crazy look for this hat. I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn for this hat, and felt for the nose and tongue. The ears were kind of a pain because I couldn't seem to get the right angle for them, but I think I eventually got it right. 

And here is another look at the Robot Gir Hat. This one being modeled by my younger sister Maggie. I think the robot one looks way cuter when worn, it just didn't really photograph well sitting by itself. I also used Red Heart Super Saver for this hat, and only used felt for the tongue. I hope you guys enjoy. There should be a lot more to come in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!
To begin, I apologize again for the long wait between blog posts the past couple of weeks. I finally got a memory card reader for my camera. So I have a temporary fix until my camera decides to completely stop working. It seems like hats are the popular thing the past couple of weeks. I made two for the contest winners from The Perfect Knot, and I also made the custom hat for the winner of my contest. That winner chose a Black Spiderman Earflap Hat, in case anyone was wondering. In addition to that I made a few other custom hats including the Tardis one up above. The Tardis hat was really fun to make and also brought up some new challenges I have not faced before, like so many color changes within the same row on a hat.
Another hat that I just finished up within the past couple weeks is the Custom Totoro hat pictured above. It is funny that even though I use the same basic pattern for all my hats, they all end up turning out so differently. Something as simple as changing the shape of the ears makes a hat that is completely different. 
Lastly, there is this Custom Mickey Mouse Earflap Hat. I wanted to do something like this because the Mickey Mouse face itself would be kind of difficult to replicate in crochet. I figured going for more of a mouse ears hat style but with aspects more related to Mickey would look better. I did the puffballs on the bottom yellow because I thought it looked cute to have the shorts, the long black spindly legs and then the puffballs are like Mickey's shoes. I also made this hat with a different stitch, which I may do from now on with my hats. I used hdc to shape the hat rather than dc, which I normally do, and I think it looks a little neater and tighter. I also used hdc for the Tardis Hat. Not sure if anyone other than me can tell the difference. 
This last week was a fairly busy one. I finished up a few projects and started on a few more things. I have been finding so many adorable patterns on Ravelry lately that I want to try. So don't be surprised if you see me using a lot of patterns in the near future, but I will always provide a link for them for others to try out, or to at least let you know what is not my own original design. The first couple pictures up above are of a Panda Earflap Hat I made. I made it for Daniel's  (my fiance) cousin. She asked me to make it for her a while ago and I finally got around to it. Not that there really needed to be much hurry on it, as it isn't going to be cold enough to wear an earflap hat in El Paso for quite some time. I really like how it turned out. I wasn't sure whether or not I should add the little pink cheeks, but I thought they would be very cute! I kind of want to make one for myself now. 
Above are a couple pictures of the Barefoot Sandals I made for myself on a whim last week. I keep seeing all these pictures of Barefoot Sandals all over the place and I wanted to try my hand. Then, when looking at some pictures on Google, I saw a picture where somebody was wearing heels with their's and I thought that was an amazing idea, so I decided to try it out for myself. These were so quick and easy to make that I also decided to write up a pattern for them, so look out for the pattern in the Patterns section of the site. 
Lastly is one of the items that like I said, I found a pattern for on Ravelry. I found this pattern a while ago and had been wanting to try it out, but I dont buy cotton yarn as often...not really sure why, it is inexpensive, super soft, and shows off the crochet work nicely. Regardless, it was very easy and quick to make and turned out quite nicely. I cannot wait to bring it to yoga and try it out. Here is a link to the pattern for anyone interested: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/spiral-ladder-yoga-bag

Thanks for those of you, if any that are actually keeping up with me and my blog. There should be a lot more things coming up in the near future. I have a few amis as well as a few more hats that I am working on, so stay tuned!
I have been working on a whole lot of items lately, and have a whole lot more coming in the very near future. I am also working on a bunch of different halloween items, so stay on the lookout for those! I am hoping to do some items such as a kitty costume, complete with kitty hat, mittens, and tail for infants and toddlers. I am also hoping to do a line of pumpkin hats and matching candy totes, as well as many other mystery items! Pictures to come soon.  Other than that,  I have just been working on an array of other items for family and a few custom orders. 
The first two pictures are of a Brown and Tan Basketweave  baby blanket for my cousin Sean's new addition to the family! I wanted to do something a little less traditional and more fun. I made it once again with Caron Simply Soft yarn, as I pretty much always do for baby blankets. 

This next blanket I did as a custom order for an old friend from high school/junior high school who is also expecting a little one. It is similar to the Pink and Yellow Bobble Stitch Blanket I made a while back, but this one is obviously Gray and Pink and it is Carseat/Stroller sized rather than Crib Size. 

And finally, here are a few of the other things I have made throughout the past couple of weeks. It seems like so much.  On the top left is a newborn sized monkey hat I did as a custom order. I just posed it on the skull because it fit nicely and filled out the hat, so it looked better than when it was laying flat.  Next to the that on the right is a purse I just finished for myself yesterday. I used a pattern for that which I got on Ravelry. Here is a link to the pattern  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hey-sailor . I dont think the detail looks quite as nice on my purse in the yarn I used. I may make another in the future using the cotton yarn they suggest rather than the Red Heart Super Saver I used this time. Finally on the bottom is a skirt I made myself. I made it so I could use it as a swim suit cover up. The pattern is available here  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/emmajeans-minty-green-skirt . As you can see if you look at the original pattern, it is quite a bit longer than I made it. I figured it would be a little too hot and heavy for me since I live in AZ, so I modified the pattern to only go up to Row 20, then added the first 4 Rows of fringe in the pattern. I also made a skirt in black but did not take a picture. 
That pretty much sums everything up, I think. This post was once again very long and drawn out, I need to get on here more frequently to make posts rather than waiting a month between each post and writing a novel. I hope you guys stuck with me the whole time, and once again, look forward to some sneak peaks of some Halloween items very soon. There may even be some free patterns ;).
Hello everybody, this is my first blog post. I hope everyone enjoys reading the things to come and comes back often to see how things are going. Since some of you may not be familiar with me or my crochet work quite yet, I will share a few things about myself as well as a few of my favorite items I have made so far. My name is Veronica, I am 24 and currently a stay at home mom. I enjoy a lot of things including cooking, crocheting, singing (anything involving music really), and collecting rubber duckies. So, it is possible you will see a few duckies and possibly recipes on occasion, and I will attempt to keep them somewhat organized for you. 

A Few Cute Little Hats!

Over the winter I got a chance to do a few very adorable hat projects. Now that winter is over I most likely will not get to crochet any more hats for a while, but still wanted to share a couple of my favorites.  That is my daughter, Violet, modeling the hat in the top left and bottom picture.  The top left picture is a custom Minnie Mouse hat I made for a friend. The top right picture, is a custom Black Spiderman Hat that I made for the same friend. The bottom picture is a custom Foofa (from Yo Gabba Gabba) hat I made for my daughter. All of these hats were of my own design, patterns may possibly come soon if anyone is interested. 


Here are a couple of my favorite crocheted amigurumi. As with the hats, all of these were also all of my own design and I did not use a pattern. On occasion I will use a pattern for things, but I will specify if a pattern has been used and link to said pattern on here.  The top left is a red Dr. Who Dalek that I made for a friend. The top right is Homer Simpson in his underwear drinking a Duff beer, also for a friend. The bottom is a custom Steely Mc. Beam that I made and sold.  Most of the features on my amigurumi are done in felt. 

Unique Scarves

These are just a couple of the unique scarves that I have made. The first (left), is a Circuit Board Scarf I made for a friend. I love the way it turned out, but it was a lot of work and there will most likely not be any replicas in the future. The second (right) on the other hand, is a Hello Kitty Scarf I made and sold. This one I would love to do again, so just let me know if you are interested in one.  Also, ignore the horrible picture of me.  As with the hats, I probably won't get to make a whole lot more scarves until fall comes around again, but I can't wait!


I love making baby blankets. This is how I started off crocheting. My grandma taught me how to make a granny square blanket when I was about 7 and that is where it all started.  The one on the left is a Yellow and Pink Bobble Stitch blanket with Ruffled Edges. That one as well as everything else you are seeing on this first post is of my own pattern. The second is a custom Blessed Be Man (a fantastic band, look him up on Facebook) for a friend. This one is all single crochet's and I charted out the pattern. This was my first blanket of this type and I love how it turned out. 

Well, that is just a little bit of what I have done recently. Thank you to everybody who stuck this post through to the end, I appreciate it. Check back for a lot more posts in the future!